Why Futurity First

Ask yourself - where will your career be at the end of this year? If you don’t have a solid plan for growth, chances are you will be stuck doing the same old thing.  It’s important to take time to think about your practice as a whole, set goals and develop strategies.  At Futurity First we provide the tools and leadership to help you do that.

Futurity First's Five Pillars of Success

Our advisors’ success is built through five pillars: marketing, training and development, product portfolio, advisor support, and compensation and recognition.

Field-Tested Marketing, Personalized for You

With our marketing programs, you can design a perfect mix to help you meet new prospects, cultivate your existing clients and take your practice to the next level.


Turnkey marketing programs created and tested by producers mean you don't have to waste time and money on something that isn't effective.
  • Planning Articles
  • Calculators
  • Industry Links


Local Expertise
A management team and team of peers coach you and offer guidance on the programs and approaches that work best in your community.


A variety of vendors and cost levels makes finding programs that are right for you and your market easy and affordable.
  • LeadForce
  • Custom Direct Mail
  • Guaranteed People to See
  • Turning 65
  • Legacy Safeguard
  • Paycheck for Life


An in-house marketing agency with copywriters, designers and digital marketing specialists help you implement programs and strategies.

"I needed access to forward-thinking marketing expertise that could help me generate leads and build my book of business. Since I started with Futurity First, I'm seeing more prospects each week and my referral rate has increased significantly."

-Gordy Hill, Insurance Advisor


A Culture of Expertise

We know that people learn differently. That's why we offer a wide range of training. From national webinars and online portals to local mentorship and more, you'll find something that works best for you.


Customized training based on your level of experience delivered by your local Managing Director.


Study groups, one-on-one mentorship and yearly training round-tables let you focus on in-depth training away from the demands of the office.


Online training, rotating seminars and other opportunities give you the ability to learn at your own pace and when it fits in your schedule.


Training Topics
  • Client Acquisition
  • Client Planning
  • Client Retention
  • Cross-Selling
  • Current Events and Trends
  • Practice Management
  • Product Lines and Features

"I was new to the industry and with the support of everyone in the back office, training webinars and knowing that at least once a month we have someone in our office live training on certain products, it's just amazing, I couldn't have done it anywhere else."

-Gupreet Singh, Insurance Advisor



A Portfolio Without Limits

With our marketing programs, you can design a perfect mix to help you meet new prospects, cultivate your existing clients and take your practice to the next level.


Our portfolio of products and services allows you to offer truly objective advice to clients.


With sales support directly from carriers and through a leading IMO, and ongoing training both locally and nationally, you will be well prepared before, during and after the sale.


We offer a complete portfolio for the retiree market, including annuities, life insurance, Medicare solutions, long-term care, disability, final expense, investment products and more.
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Investment Products
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We've partnered with broker-dealer Securities America to give our financial advisors access to an open platform of investment products and solutions.

A Home Office In Your Hometown

With our advisor support services, back office support is provided at no cost so that you can focus on doing what you do best: addressing your clients' needs.


Office Manager
Our office managers keep things running smoothly. They are the go-to person in your local office for assistance with paperwork, booking meeting space, carrier relationships and more.


Our software solutions help you view commissions, manage your paid business, get real-time access to your pending and in-force business, automate carrier paperwork, facilitate client eSignatures and access carrier forms.
  • Online Quoting and Illustration
  • eApps


Home Office
Independent advisors often have thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours invested in back office support. With the specialized Futurity First team, you're freed from those burdens to focus on building your business.


From Submission to Commission
Our support team will take your cases from submission to commission and allow you time to focus on what you do best.
  • App Review
  • New Business
  • Case Management
  • Commission


"We are solely focused on supporting the field, we're not an insurance company that's manufacturing products, we're solely designed and created to support the Managing Directors and Advisors truly build the practices they desire."

– Curtis Carey, Sales Vice President


Compensation and Recognition

Our production bonuses are aggregate. You get paid on all of your production instead of just one product at a time, which means you get higher commissions.


Because we have more advisors than many agencies, we can secure higher commissions from carriers - which we pass on to you. And your commission level grows as your production grows - retroactive to day one.


Bonuses are paid on your total production, meaning every sale (even those with low initial commissions) counts.


We offer company incentive programs and trips. And our payment structure does not preclude you from carrier incentives. That means more money, more credits and more trips.

"One of the main reasons why I joined Futurity is because you're not limited, in other words, you can make as much money as you care to make, and work as hard as you want to work, they give you the tools, they help with your advertising, they set you up. It's your business to run inside of a business."

-Danny Gilley, Insurance Advisor


What advisors are saying

Juliann Dybvik
Experienced Insurance Advisor

“I absolutely love what I do, because I know that I make a difference in my clients lives...it’s so important to plan for healthcare costs and make sure clients won’t outlive their money.”

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