On Top of Your Game - Training Programs
At Futurity First, our advisors have access to expert-run training programs designed to keep them current on sales techniques, client strategies and product solutions. And no matter where you are, or how you like to learn, you can plug in through weekly “Momentum Monday” calls, live webinars, recorded sessions, in-office training, national conferences and carrier-sponsored local events. We make it easy to develop new levels of expertise, or to nurture the expertise you’ve already gained through experience in the industry.

Momentum Monday
Every Monday our product and training team hosts a live call designed to help kickstart activities for the week. We know advisors are busy, so these calls usually run for 30 minutes - but they are packed with information specifically put together with our advisors in mind. A typical Momentum Monday call with include the latest sales results, relevant industry articles, a sales tip or technique or a short carrier presentation. These calls are a great way to stay connected with what’s happening at a national level and leveraging that information to support your local sales efforts. They are also recorded so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Study Groups 
We’ve developed a curriculum of intensive study group programs that are ideal for advisors looking to learn about a new product solution, sales technique or other planning approach. Each program consists of a syllabus that includes three sessions: 101, 201 and 301. This allows participants the ability to take part in in-depth training without sacrificing time with clients and prospects. Whether you want to learn about Safe Money Planning, Life Insurance as an Asset, Retirement Income Planning or any of our other client strategies and solutions, we’ve got a learning option for you.

In-Office Expertise and Mentoring
Futurity First may be a nationwide company, but we make sure our advisors get the expertise and mentoring they need to be successful - right in their local office.  Every location is run by a managing partner who brings a level of experience and know-how needed not only to develop a successful office, but to ensure the advisors housed within it are equally successful. Our advisors work with their managing partners to plug in to the training programs that will help them do more with their practice.
  Culture of Expertise
At Futurity First, our culture of expertise ensures you have the right tools, strategies and support to help you solve all of your clients’ needs.

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