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Why limit yourself to just one company or a short list of proprietary product solutions? At Futurity First, you get access to over 55 insurance carriers and an open platform of investment products from our broker-dealer, ProEquities. This means you can be objective and unbiased when it comes to working with your clients - no matter what their needs or budget. And because we know how important it is to be independent when it comes to recommendations, we don’t push any particular carrier or product solution. After all, your clients look to YOU for planning advice - we’re here to help support your efforts and give you access to a wide range of solutions.



Top-Notch Insurance Carriers
Our insurance carrier portfolio is broad and gives you access to some of the best companies and products around. At Futurity First, you’ll have an actively managed portfolio backed by the proven strength of the carriers we represent. With carrier partners such as American General, Allianz, John Hancock, Humana, United Healthcare, American Equity, Lincoln Financial - and more - we make it possible for you to tap in to carriers with a wide range of products to meet the needs of your clientele.

Investment Products
We’ve partnered with broker-dealer ProEquities to give our financial advisors access to an open platform of investment products and solutions. 

Products for Every Type of Advisor
Whether you’re a senior health advisor, an advisor who uses life insurance or annuities for retirement planning, or a financial advisor who uses investments for planning strategies, you have access to the right products and solutions through Futurity First. 

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