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With innovative, proven prospecting programs and experts in marketing available to help develop and execute your marketing plan, Futurity First can help you expand your reach and make more sales. From proprietary direct mail programs to turnkey seminar systems designed to position you as an expert to public relations and branding support, we've got your back when it comes to getting in front of prospects and looking good while you do it.

Our advisors report seeing, on average, 3-5 more appointments per week by using our prospecting and marketing programs.

"I needed access to forward-thinking marketing expertise that could help me generate leads and build my book of business. Since I started with Futurity First in 2011, I'm seeing more prospects each week and my referral rate has increased significantly."

Gordy Hill, Insurance Advisor
Greater Seattle - Joined 2011

You'll hear Rebecca Hill, Vice President - Marketing talk about all the ways we help our advisors expand their reach through our turnkey programs and the support provided by our expert marketing team. 

Our next webinar is scheduled for June 6, 2014 at 12pm EST
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Direct Mail Programs

If direct mail is part of your lead-generation plan, we have options to meet your needs. Whether you are a senior health advisor, or looking to talk to prospects about the advantages of an annuity, you have access to mail programs that can help you meet your sales goals. 

The "Turning 65" Medicare Supplement Program is a perennial favorite among advisors because on average it garners a response rate higher than typical direct mailers*. We send it in a double window envelope and the letter is colorful and engaging. Recipients can send back a postage-paid form to receive a "Free Guide to Medicare" - we provide advisors in this program with a supply of full color, professionally printed booklets that provide information about Medicare benefits that can be given out during a first appointment. These leads are a great door opener and many of our advisors have built lucrative businesses solely by using this mail program.  

The Social Security Update Mailer is an inexpensive way to generate annuity leads through a message about optimizing Social Security benefits. This postcard-format piece has a business reply that recipients can send in for a free, 20+ page guide to Social Security. Advisors who participate in this program get a supply of 8.5"x11", full color booklets that can be given during a first interview.   

The Guaranteed Prospects to See Program offers advisors the ability to receive warm leads complete with basic financial information, making it easy to know who you are talking to and what their situation is before they even pick up the phone. Recipients fill out a short survey with basic financial information and send it in for a free guide to Social Security (described above). Advisors receive a scanned copy of the survey so they can reference it when they call the prospect. Participants are guaranteed to receive at least seven leads for every 1,000 pieces mailed, or we will continue to mail for free until seven leads come in. 

We've partnered with Kramer Direct to provide our advisors with discounted pricing on their library of mailers. From Medicare to Final Expense to Long Term Care and Annuities - Kramer's list of available mail pieces changes regularly because they carefully measure response rates and adjust messaging and offerings accordingly.

Seminars and Adult Education Modules

Dinner seminars and education-formatted classes are still some of the most popular and effective methods of prospecting - and we've made it easy with three turnkey systems all focused on annuity sales.

ABCs of Safe Money Planning: This favorite is a great option for advisors who want to work with individuals 50 and over who need an alternative to the typical Wall Street approach to planning. It is designed to mitigate risk so prevalent in many otherwise conservative investor portfolios. This workshop is primarily focused on accumulation strategies. 

Paycheck for Life: Steve DeJohn's successful seminar system defines the difference between risky and safe investments based on determining the appropriate asset allocation for each client's particular circumstances. We have tools to help guide your clients in the right direction, while also showing compelling and comforting information that they are making the right choice by taking steps to plan their finances with you. 

Total Social Security: Social Security is the foundation of retirement income, making up 40-60% of total household income for upper middle-class Americans. Yet most financial planners ignore it. With Total Social Security you can help by formulating a retirement plan that incorporates their Social Security benefit into their other retirement income sources and identifies gaps where Social Security falls short. You'll show them products that help fill the gaps. This program can provide you with 100% of what you need to build Social Security planning into your practice. It has it all: Industry leading software that does the complicated calculations for you, training, webinars, live events, live support from experts and marketing materials.

Referrals and In-Force Marketing

When asked, most advisors will tell us that the hardest thing they face on a day-to-day basis is getting in front of qualified prospects. And while we have many great programs to help them do that, we also recommend they have a solid in-force marketing plan in place. In simple terms: if you aren't staying in front of your existing customer base on a regular basis, you are leaving money on the table. 

Email Programs: Our monthly client email program is easy - and free! All you need to do is provide us with your existing client and/or prospect list of emails and we'll do the rest. Each month we deploy professionally designed emails on topics relevant to clients or their family members. The emails are customized with your contact information, and all replies go right to your inbox. You don't need to worry about CAN/SPAM compliance or unsubscribe management because we do it all for you. 

Mail Programs: Whether you want to own this process yourself, or have us do it for you, there are a variety of options available to send branded, compliant letters to your clients. We can work with you to determine timing (monthly, quarterly or one-off mailings) and help get the letters printed and mailed. The program choices are extensive and include options as simple as a birthday letter for clients to cross-sell campaigns based on client or product type. 

Web-Based Marketing

Web-Based Marketing: In today's digital age, the need to make the most of internet marketing cannot be overstated. But many advisors are paralyzed by all of the options available to them, or by the sheer learning curve associated with understanding search engine optimization, lead conversion rates, pay-per-click advertising...and more! If web-based marketing and lead generation is something you want to explore, we can work with you to determine the right solution, based on your budget. 

Expert Marketing Support

In addition to our high-response, cost-effective prospecting programs, you've got the support of an expert marketing team who can help you with kick-starting sales activity when you first join Futurity First. Then, in concert with the local expertise and support you have in your managing partner, the Futurity First marketing team can help you as you plan and execute your ongoing marketing plans. Every advisor is different - so we are flexible in meeting the individualized needs of our entire field team.

New Advisor Onboarding Concierge: When you join Futurity First, we make sure you can jumpstart your sales activities early on. New advisors are connected with our onboarding manager who works with them to make the most of our FREE, value-added welcome program. This program includes a set of prospecting letters mailed to clients/prospects (with a postage-paid response card), a supply of full-color, trifold brochures that are personalized with your photo, contact information, biography and other information, and a free* webpage.  

Turnkey, Branded and Compliant Marketing Tools:  AccessPoint is our web-based marketing portal that allows you to search for and customize a variety of materials with just a few clicks of the mouse. Whether it's a downloadable pdf or an email, this easy-to-use system serves as our "marketing library" for turnkey, commonly-used materials. AccessPoint is free to use and there is no cost to download materials! 

Public Relations and Advertising: There may be times when you need help with public relations or advertising - and at Futurity First, you've got access to a team of experts who can help, all at no cost to you. Whether it's a simple press release to announce your appointment to the board of a local non-profit, to a half-page ad in your community newspaper, we can help. 

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